Here we go again...

I have been itching for a change lately.  I wasn't sure what that would be.  After much thought and research, I have decided that it was time for a change to the website.  Not just a little change, but a very big one.  Let's just get rid of what we did before and do it all from scratch again.  It's just costing my time right?

I want to have the opportunity to get more involved.  I have met many amazing people through Instagram and I have been looking for a better way to connect and share.  So this is it, my new project.  I want to build a yoga community that is meaningful to me and to all of you as well.  I want to hear from you and share with you. I want to learn and to also teach.  I also want to sell some more yoga products.  Ultimately, I want to grow and have you grow with me.  I am studying to get my RYT 500 designation and am reading a lot.  People are always asking me what I am reading and what I am working on.  THIS, RIGHT HERE.  This is it.... I hope you will join me on this journey.

Anna Bajmak1 Comment