If you do a perfect handstand but you don't catch it on your camera, did it actually happen?

Many of you who follow me on Instagram would know that I am currently doing a 365 day handstand challenge sponsored by Inversion Junkie Apparel.  This means that every day, in order to stay in the challenge, I need to post a picture of me doing a handstand every day on Instagram.  Today, I nailed it.  I mean, I really nailed it.  I started in a handstand tuck and then pushed up to a handstand, then came back to the tuck.  I KNOW!!!  Magic like that doesn't happen every day.  I went to check my camera and you'll love what I caught.  Just one photo of half my body in the frame.  Nothing else.  Does it count?  I sure hope so!  

Often times I will still post these pictures because there are a snapshot of the moment.  It doesn't have to be the nicest or most flattering picture.  It's me doing yoga and yes, of course it counts.  Heck, if I did it and there was no evidence at all, it still counts, maybe not towards the challenge but it counts for me.  

What about you?  Have you ever accomplished the most amazing pose to not have it captured on camera? 


Anna BajmakComment