The Perfect Yoga Mat

I'm beginning to think the perfect yoga mat for me does not exist.  Here's my problem and maybe you can help.  I get sweaty hands during yoga practice.  Yucky, I know, but I can't really do anything about it.  I've tried almost every single mat out there that I can get my hands on.  Right now, in my home, I think I have four different yoga mats.  They all have their good features and their bad ones.  When I got my Liforme mat, I really had myself convinced that it was the Rolls Royce of yoga mats.  It was tacky and amazing right out of the box.  I couldn't believe it.  I remember taking it out and practicing on it and my hands would get sweaty but I still had grip.  It was simply magical.  

Fast forward about eight months and now there are dark sweat stains where I put my hands on this mat in downward dog.  I don't really care about the dirty spots.  I mean, the mat is the most beautiful pink colour but I feel like the sweat stains are badges of honour.  What I don't like is that those spots are no longer grippy like they used to be.  I liken it a bit to how my Lululemon mat after a little while of use and sweating and cleaning it just lost it's grip, almost like it just wore right off.  I know these kinds of mats have a limited number of uses and that they are not good forever, but really?  Only eight months?  I contacted Liforme and would like to say that their customer service is excellent.  They responded with a really detailed message on how to do a deeper clean but that I should not use this method very often because it contributes to the mat wearing out.  My question now is, should I even bother?  Should I just use it for a little longer and then cut my loses?  This mat only has a limited number of uses anyways.  Other people I know use this mat a lot and they love it.  Do they simply sweat less than me?  :) it's a possibility.  

I still have my Manduka Pro but I'm certain it is not quite worn in yet because it still feels slick.  I've also been reading a lot about the Manduka eKo.  It's a rubber mat as well but it is supposed to be good for sweat hands even calling its grittiness 'wet grip'.  The Toronto Yoga Show is coming up at the end of the month and I am hoping to be able to talk to someone about the Manduka eKo.  Honestly, some days I feel like I have the best mat out there and other days I feel so frustrated that I have no choice but to use a towel.  I know a towel helps me but I just hate fiddling with them.  They make me lose my focus.  

If anyone out there has some experience, please let me know.  I am very open to suggestions.  

Anna BajmakComment