So much to learn

Between a full time job, family, yoga, staying healthy, the dog and everything else I feel like there is never enough time to read and learn. How about you? You've all got all these things and more. How do we find the time to balance everything, especially when there is more yoga to learn than a lifetime could provide time for?  I've been working on the Mahabharata for a few months now. It's a really large book and the style of writing is more of an older style which means I need to think more. The names are also sometimes 15 or more letters long so just learning to say the names of all the characters is a large undertaking for a non-Indian speaking person.  

Where is all this coming from?  Well I went to Chapters today. Actually, we went to Starbucks today. I was really trying to avoid going to Chapters because I know there is a yoga book I'm wanting to buy. Figuring they likely wouldn't have it in stock, I went to look anyways. Stupid move. There it was, one lonely copy. I swear when I picked it up, that darn book wept with joy thinking it was going to be purchased and well loved. I tried to put it back but I couldn't. My heart was instantly set afire at the thought of bringing home a new yoga book to devour. But then I came home and put it beside my other books and realized how overwhelming all this information is. How do we find time to learn it all? 

If you have any tips for me, I'd love to hear because I feel like I find resources to read faster than I can get through them all. I find myself often wishing I could stay up later or have someone read to me while I'm doing all my cleaning and other house chores. I do buy audiobooks when I can but for yoga textbooks, they need to be on paper that I can make notes on and bookmark as needed. 

I should really go. I can't wait anymore to get reading. I've been waiting a long time to get this book by Donna Farhi.  As soon as it's done I'll write a review.

I hope you have a happy Sunday!!! 



In case you are wondering, this is the other book I have by Donna Farhi. Very good book.