The Yoga Show Is Coming!

Are you in the Toronto area? If so, then you better be coming to the Yoga Show!  Imagine a place where you can see all the more interesting yoga and wellness things and be surrounded by the most wonderful yoga people!  The show has two different parts: the conference whereby you can sign up for workshops and classes and pay for those and you can also go to the actual show where all the vendors are. 

I have such a fondness for the yoga show because I love looking at all the neat stuff that companies have for sale. There are so many neat things to support a yogic lifestyle and practice but being in Canada, it can be difficult to find this stuff. The Yoga Show had everything from essential oils to yoga mats to organic cold pressed juices to everything else. It's a great place to try different products before you buy them and to speak with the inventors and store owners you would otherwise never get to speak with.  

I am on a bit of a mission this year. My (what I feel like is a) never ending search for the best yoga mat for me continues this year. I'm really interested to look at the Manduka eKo mat as well as this new brand to Canada called Eco Yoga. Have you heard of them?  Honestly, I never had until just last week. I spoke with the Canadian distributor and she's absolutely lovely. I hope the mat is too. It's only 4mm which might not be thick enough but it's rubber and jute. An interesting combination that might prove to be grippy even with my clammy-during-yoga-practice-hands. We will see. I'm looking forward to trying it out. I'm also still on he hunt for a singing bowl. I've been looking for a while now but haven't quite found the one that sings to my heart. Maybe this year is the year.  

I'm going to meet the most wonderful yogi at the show this year too. My lovely Instagram yoga friend LindaLee is making the trip from the US to the show and so that we can meet. I'm honoured that she is coming and am counting the days!!! 

I will be there on Saturday from the early morning so if any of you are planning on attending, send me an email because I'd love to see all of you there at the Show!