Eat Like a Yogi

I need to ask what you think of food because I never know what the right answer is.  I love meat.  I can't go too many days without it.  I love pasta, you know, the good tasting white pasta that wreaks havoc on your body the moment it gets into your system.  I was also one of those kinds who grew up not liking anything green.  For some reason, I just couldn't find a place in my brain where I liked that stuff.  It might have been my fairly traditional European family that felt that you could only eat food that was cooked to death.  Every vegetable was mushy and tasted the same.  It was also considered a luxury to have meat and potatoes at every meal.  When you look at it that way, my family ate much better than we would have back in the 'old country' (as my parents call it) because of opportunities here in Canada.  I was also riddled with health issues.  For a long while I dealt with many health issues that weren't really diagnosable (is that a word?).  

Now that I am trying to live a more connected and in tune life, I have been really looking at the food I put into my body.  Although I really like meat, I try to eat it less often.  At first I wasn't sure about that but over time I felt a certain lightness that I had not felt before.  I also started introducing more vegetables.  It has been a slow evolution as I learn to cook things that taste good but that are also good for me.  When was the last time I stopped at Starbucks for a mocha-mucho carb-a-licious drink?  I can't remember.  Wait, yes i can.  It was last summer when they had their iced mocha coconut caramel macchiato (I might have missed something in the name).  It's amazing.  If you need a fresh coconut/coffee cold drink in the summer, you need to try it.  What I didn't realize was that eating all these yummy things were not good for my system.  My body needs fuel and the good stuff, not just the stuff that tastes good.  

Changing something like the food you cook and eat is not an easy process but once I started doing my own research I was surprised to find out how many other people had, at some point, similar issues that I was dealing with.  When they changed how they ate, their illness seemed to slowly fade away.  I figured I could do this too.  It's been a long journey that I am still just beginning but now that my hubby is on board, things are getting a bit easier.  He seems more open lately to eating food that is healthier.  Maybe it's not a sweet or fried food but it's good food.  I found this lovely Canadian who has her own food blog.  You can find it  here.  I have both of her books as well.  The recipe in my blog picture is from her second book: Oh She Glows Everyday.  It's one of her amazing smoothie bowls.  I decided to treat my man this morning with a special breakfast and this was it.  Honestly, it was amazing.  I feel like even though I have never met Angela, the author, I feel like she has contributed to my well being.  She is a vegan herself so all her recipes are gluten free and animal product free.  I don't subscribe to never eating animal products but I feel like I need to be more moderate with how much of that stuff I eat.  This book has helped me to shift my cooking and eating to get to a better place.  If you haven't seen her books, definitely check them out.  I haven't had one thing that wasn't good yet.  I have to admit that sometimes I add a little chicken on the side to some of these recipes but that's ok.  I'm learning what foods work well with my body and how to cook them in exciting new ways.  

What about you?  Have you gone through a shift in your eating habits? How did it go?  I can testify to the fact that it is not easy to change.  It's more work to cook like this and to prepare but I am starting to feel better.  That feeling of more energy and lightness is enough encouragement to keep on going.  If you have any great cookbooks to recommend, I'm all ears!  I also recently got one of Deliciously Ella's books too.  She's always quite lovely.  

I think that as we become more self aware in our yoga practice, it allows us to take a better look at our own bodies, health, and mind and allows us to really see the decisions we make and to decide if they are the right decisions for ourselves.  Food is just one part of this but I think it is more important than we ultimately realize.  After all, what is that saying??? "We are what we eat."  And as much as I would love to be a mocha-frou-frou-caramel latte crunch, who can possibly remember those names?  Why not be something amazing like a carrot, or arugula... or spinach??  

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