I am really big on integrity. I try my best to be honest and do whatever I can for other people around me. it also goes without saying that when I see integrity in other companies and other people, that I am naturally drawn to them. I respect them and want to learn from them. 

I recently had the opportunity to learn from the lovely people at Dharma Yoga Wheel about how to take care of your customers.  Please let me share...

I have had a Dharma Yoga Wheel (the original yoga Wheel might I add) for a little while now. I bought it just before other companies started coming out with similar products. I paid a heck of a lot of Canadian dollars after the exchange, the shipping and the ridiculous duties that UPS charges for taking things from the USA over to Canada. Recently, I noticed that the rubber mat that is glued to the plastic wheel had started to come unglued.  After spending all this money on the original yoga wheel and all the time practicing on it, I have to say that I was disappointed.  I took some pictures and wrote to Dharma Yoga Wheel.  I was beginning to lose hope that they would ever respond as almost a week went by without hearing from them.  

Then, the most amazing thing happened.... they responded and not only did they respond, they quickly asked me for my address to ship me a new one free of charge to replace my broken wheel!  I'm pleased to say that I have since received my new wheel and its wonderful.  The new wheels appear to have had some upgrades to them.  What used to be a thin grippy piece of yoga mat material glued onto the plastic wheel form is now a soft and supportive piece of mat that is far superior to the first one that I had.  I'm so pleased with their customer service and with how they responded.  There were no questions on what I had done with the wheel or how I had used it and stored it.  I find that sometimes companies are quick to lay blame on their own customers when their products don't last.  Not here.  Not withe Dharma Yoga Wheel.  

If you've ever been curious about the yoga wheel I HIGHLY recommend looking at Dharma Yoga Wheels not only because the product is amazing but because the group of people supporting the company are lovely too.  

Anna BajmakComment