Yoga and Migraines?

Do any of you suffer from migraines? I never did until January of this year. I have a new found empathy for all of you who suffer with migraines. Please, if you have a cure, I would love to know what it is. I've read about pumpkin seeds and acupuncture and I even tried to give myself a brain freeze by drinking ice cold drinks.

Right now I'm on prescriptions to help when I get them but I need something else. I need to find the cause. I know when I don't sleep well I get them. I don't sleep well when I'm feeling stressed. Work is crazy, so I feel stressed. See where I am going with this? 

Ive been using my yoga therapy balls a lot while having the migraines because my jaw, neck and shoulders get extremely tight. They really help me to apply pressure to particularly tight areas. Have you tried them? There are tons of videos on You Tube with lots of ways to use them for pain relief. They don't take away the migraine but they help manage some of the discomfort. 

If you suffer with migraines, I'd really be interested to hear what works for you. Maybe one day someone will suggest something that will work for me. I will share it for others if I find something new that helps me. 

Anna BajmakComment