The Perfect Yoga Mat: Part 2

Does the perfect yoga mat even exist? Those of you who know me know that I have been on this multi-year search for the perfect yoga mat for me. I need that disclaimer because every yogi seems to have their own preference and their own opinions. Trust me. I've been listening to everyone and anyone who will offer their mat experiences. I've also spent countless hours reading reviews online.  

I found a random Manduka eKo at the studio I teach at. It was sitting rolled up in the studio and no one was around. So here's where things get a little sticky. I MAY have broken some kind of unspoken code of not touching someone else's mat without permission. I asked whose it was more than once. No one knew who it belong to. So I unrolled it and tried a few poses. Afterwards, I rolled it up and put it back just like it was. Thank you, mystery mat owner for letting me try out your mat. I promise, I just did a few poses on it. lol it's not like I taught the whole class on it or anything. So anyways, after that I decided to try to find one from somewhere that wouldn't break the bank. I found it. Thank you Mountain Equipment Co-op for having these mats for a reasonable price and for including feee shipping.  

I got my new and I must say beautiful blue/green Manduka eKo on Friday and I've had just a few chances to try it out. I will write a full review once I've had more opportunity to really work with it. My first thoughts are that it is not heavy, despite what people say. It's much light than my Manduka Pro. It's supportive on my knees at 5mm thick. With my home practice when I am not so sweaty, the eKo is grippy. The mat has a texture which helps my to hold my place. 

I'm not quite convinced just yet but I am very hopeful for this mat. I just need it to last. If it would last a couple of years I'd be happy.  Does anyone else have the Manduka eKo? Please let me know your experience!!!  

Anna BajmakyogaComment