Where have I been?

It's been a while since I last posted. I think it's important that we all take breaks for rest and self discovery... and for self love. I'd been feeling really burnt out lately. The last month especially I felt like my yoga classes were getting stale and I just needed some time to play on my mat for myself and not for others. It's also a very difficult time at work so after a day at work my brain wanted to rest.  

I have see lately, too, that people think that teaching yoga is a breeze. It's easy and fun and a great way to make some extra cash. For many reasons it is. I love giving back and helping people find some relief during their day or some time to focus on themselves. What they don't realize is that for every class I teach, I put in at least that same duration into planning the class. It takes time to put sequencing together and to give the class some meaning. I put a lot of energy into this and into my students. I have noticed this in other teachers and heard the same things in them. This means I know it's not just me. We all need to take some time to not worry about others, to give back to ourselves and to rest.  

Its not just leading a class. It's becoming perceptive to the energy in the room. It's time to plan.  It's time to put aside whatever stressors you're dealing with to help other people with their own.  As yoga teachers, we need to become more self aware and realize when we have reached our capacity because we become useless if we exceed our limits. We have to take time for ourselves because it is only when we take time for ourselves that we can be on our game to help others with their yoga journey. 

Before I left work for a two week vacation, I was questioning whether or not to offer the three yoga classes a week I offer at lunch time and after work.  I had one of the students ask me why.  She said, 'it's just one yoga class'. Maybe she right. It's just one class. But teaching several classes a week, the drain is cumulative. It takes a toll on us all. Everyone needs a break, even if it's from something they love doing. We need opportunities to rest and explore. This is how we grow. 

I hope that this hasn't made anyone question if I'm good enough as a teacher. I believe that when I put in my best, I am enough. I also believe that when I need to rest that o have earned it and it's okay to ask for that rest and to take it. To all of my yoga teacher friends, I encourage you to practice your self awareness. It's not just about being aware of your body and how it moves in your yoga practice. It's an acknowledgement of your mind and soul as well. It's the recognition of when you've had enough and when you need to rest. 

I believe that the better we are at being self aware, the better yoga teachers we will be. 

I encourage you to take time for yourself. It's summer time and we all need to get outside in the sunshine. Maybe take a yoga class where you won't be recognized as a teacher. Just take some time to be a student, after all, that's truly what we are. Yes, we help others practice yoga but ultimately, we don't know everything and there is more than a lifetime of learning ahead of us. Please, take time to become a student again, to rest and become aware of yourself and how you feel. Your students (and your soul) will benefit from this. 

Anna BajmakComment