Why take yoga pictures?

There has been a lot of hype around taking yoga selfies and with that hype has come a lot of controversy. I see that with time, ideals shift and mind sets change for some, but not for all. When I first joined Instagram... I had no idea what I was getting into. I just noticed that one of my yoga hero's, Kino MacGregor, was there and that I could learn more from her if I could see more of what she was posting and teaching about. I have to say that as I started watching all these Instagram yogis and yoginis taking beautiful beach side pictures in the most expensive yoga gear and doing the most stunning yoga poses, I was both enthralled and intimidated. I was filled with feelings of knowing I would never be those people. I would never have, I would never be, and even if I tried, I never will. That's a pretty discouraging feeling. 

I endeavored to post and participate in an effort to be more engaged with the yoga community as I began to build a yoga community. I also wanted desperately to win a yoga challenge... but who doesn't? 

Lately, I have been seeing the rise of full bodies yoga practitioners who can do amazing yoga poses, who still wear the most stunning yoga outfits, who bring with them a different light on yoga that was not previously available. They brought with them the hardships they have faced in life, their honesty, and their envious self confidence.  

I think that everyone has their own reasons to take and post yoga selfies. Some might be selfish reasons and other might be more intentional about sending a specific message out to their audience. I like the latter. I love the messages of positivity and self love. I appreciate the reminders to engage in yoga as a self care practice. For me, I feel like taking selfies, while it drives people around me nuts because I'm always asking them to wait for me to get my picture taken, it encourages me to keep my yoga practice alive. Taking pictures also allows me to check alignment and see how my practice is developing. Sometimes it even reminds me to be humble as I look at my yoga-fail pictures or see how many attempts it took for me to get 'that perfect shot'. We need to see the attempts and the tries but we also need to capture the magical moments of clarity that come from within during our practice. We need to post our pictures to hear the encouragement and tips from our yoga friends. I encourage you to take yoga pictures and share them. Share your love of yoga and bring that light to others. Show your flaws and remind yourself that you are not perfect and we need to fall in order to grow and become strong. Engage in a practice of self love and self acceptance... and all the while remember to laugh at yourself and smile because you never know what your face might actually be doing when you finally get into that difficult pose and your camera snaps a picture.