Be like the lotus flower

Everyone struggles.  Every day we wake up and have challenges that make us want to go back to bed and hide.  It's one thing that connects all humans; our ability to get through challenging times.  On a regular basis we get through all the day's challenges and are happy at the end of the day, but what can we do when we feel like it's too much?  Like we don't want to deal with it anymore.  For me, I think of the lotus flower.  Let me tell you why.

The lotus flower grows in the scummiest and muddiest of waters.  It grows in muddy, stagnant waters.  It's roots are deeply woven into the ground at the bottom of these muddy waters.  When it is ready to bloom, it begins its difficult journey.  In the morning, the lotus bud will grow and stretch, reaching towards the surface of these muddy waters.  It pushes through the heavy mud and sludge to get to the sunshine so it can breathe and open.  Later in the day, it finally makes it to the surface.  It has taken hours to grow and make it to the surface.  As night falls, the lotus blossom closes and retreats back down into the mud, back to its roots.  

The next day it begins again and the cycle continues.

We might consider our struggles to be similar to that of the lotus flower.  Some days it can feel harder, while other days are easier and more fun.  When things get tough, it can be helpful to remind yourself that the lotus flower does just as you are doing.... working hard to find a temporary end or a resolution of sorts.  It knows that when the day is done it will retreat back into the mud and the journey will begin again the following day.  Maybe your particular struggle feels worse than usual.  Maybe you are on a great streak of happiness and are maneuvering through your mud very well.  Just remember that even on the tough days, the lotus flower works as hard as it can and then begins working hard again the next day.  So keep at it.  Be strong.  Be tough.  Be resilient.  Find comfort in knowing that even if you didn't have much opportunity to blossom today, that tomorrow is coming very soon.  You can begin again then.

Anna BajmakComment