Today, I Am a Beginner

Yesterday, I completed my Therapeutic Yoga Specialist certification. So that's it, right? I can practice yoga therapy and help others right? I believe this answer to be more of a 'sort of'. The more I go to teacher training weekends, the more I find out that I know so little. If you don't know me, you need to know that I study all the time. I constantly have my nose in a book and am always looking for more ways to learn and ways to apply what I have learned. It just blows my mind all that I have learned this year as I studied for this certificate. My teacher is wonderful and supportive. Her kindness and patience with me as I ask questions has always been so encouraging. What I have learned here is that there is never a hault to this learning. My teacher is there to open doors for me and to encourage me to grow into the yoga teacher and perhaps yoga therapist that I will eventually become but by no means do I know everything I need to after just one short year  

In the past I would have just gotten the piece of paper and assumed I was done and ready for the world. This is different. I feel encouraged to learn more and to practice what I have been taught and I feel the need to give myself time to learn and develop into my skills so that I am able to care for people and provide support through yoga. I'm not a pro and I am far from being an expert but that's okay. I don't have to be the pro right out of the gate. What I need are tools to learn from, someone to open the doors to more learning, and dedicated time to absorb all the information in trying to process through. All of which, have been provided  

I encourage you all to leap into your journeys and to get the most out of everything you do. I also encourage you to take your time to really learn all that you can from every experience. We are not in a race. We should learn to be humble as we practice. We can learn to take the time we need to really grow and develop. We are not perfect in our knowledge, skills and abilities. We do not have to be right away  

I'm very much looking forward to working on my skills and building my knowledge. I'm looking forward to using the knowledge I've gained from my Therapeutic Yoga Specialist training to help people around me.... but I remember that I am not an expert. I am a beginner.  

Today is a great day to be a beginner. I'm excited for tomorrow as I embrace the potential I have for this moment right here. 

Anna BajmakComment