It's too hard

How many times do we tell ourselves this? How many times do we stifle our potential by saying this to ourselves?  How many times do we see little bits of greatness and then give up? I have done this a lot to myself over the years. It's really too bad. I have a lot to offer. You have a lot to offer too. Do you smother your potential to avoid things that are hard? Why? The easy road is not always fun and care free. 

We have to stop this giving up. We have to jump in with both feet (and maybe with our eyes closed sometimes). We have to be brave and take on new challenges. I'm so excited for my friend who told me last night she's making some very positive changes to her life. They will not be easy but she's not saying 'it's too hard'. She's jumping in. There might be times when she wonders why she's doing what she is, but the results will be wonderful. I can't wait to watch her journey unfold.  

My friend has inspired me to also jump in and to make the changes I would like to see instead of waiting and hoping by the sidelines. 

And what about you? What have you been putting off? What are you too afraid to do? What are you thinking will be too hard? If it truly is something big, break it down into smaller and more manageable parts and order them.  Visualize yourself at the end! You can do this!  Then start with the first part. It can be hard to stay focused and determined when the road ahead is tough. When you have those rough days, visualize yourself at the finish line and look how great this looks on you. You can work towards this goal. You can be successful. Don't be scared to sweat it out and to be exhausted.  Nothing worthwhile comes easy  

Dont let words (like 'it's too hard') stop you from actualizing the greatness within you. It's already there waiting to come out. You just have to set it free.