Today, I Lost It

Ladies, we've all been there. I needed a bathing suit (ugh). You'd think spending so much time on the lake that I would have one. I really don't. I just wear shorts or whatever I have.  

We went to Bikini Village and I had to walk past all the cute stuff and go right to the section that caters to much older women. I'm really struggling with how these stores are packed with the cutest bikinis and one piece suits and how I will never be able to wear them. The bottoms always fit, but the tops don't. They actually never do. At BV I was lucky enough to find one top that didn't make me look like a porn star and it had a little bit of support too (bonus) but it was $95!!!! In comparison, the cute tops (that I will admit have much less fabric to them) were less than half the price and on sale. What fit me was not even on sale. I was instantly livid when I saw the price and realized it was my only option in the entire store that was filled with swim suits. For reference, yes, I have been blessed (and cursed) in the boob department but why does that mean I don't have any clothing options?  For those who might be unaware, boob size is almost impossible to change on your own.  It's not an issue of being overweight or under weight.  A lot of it has to do with your genes.  I recently lost just about 30 lbs and my cup size stayed basically the same. 

Many women have augmentation surgery to become a little (or a lot) bigger. I wish they would stop. They're not worth it, the fake boobs I mean, not you... you are worth an investment, just not that kind).  Work on yourself instead and embrace the greatness you already have instead of trying to look a certain way. You don't need to change what you look like to be special or to have value.  

For the ladies who have big knockers like me, or bigger (because I know you're out there too), we need to find companies that will make bras and tops to fit us properly. If you know of any, please share them with us!!!! It's so hard to find good fitting stuff.  

I will say that I recently got my hands on the high support sports bra from Under Armour and it's been a dream. They don't make enough larger sizes but I can just squeeze into them and for the first time, ever, the girls were not in the way!  I didn't choke in downward dog!!! What a great feeling!  If you know of great products that fit us bigger ladies please share either by commenting or by emailing me and I will make a resource list. All our big boobs deserve to feel comfortable and supported.

I was going to share a picture of the girls as the heading for this one but I though instead, I would share a picture of one of my favourite back stretches to help ease the daily ages and pains of carrying around my heavy girls.  It's a great way to open the shoulders and decompress the thoracic and cervical spine when done correctly.


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