Yoga for the soul

I’ve spent a lot of time reflecting on things lately. It’s why my site has been quiet. I think that it’s good to go through quiet times where we think about what we want and who we are. For me, it’s been a time spent meditating and practicing whatever yoga my mind and body needs at that time. Sometimes it’s been a physically challenging practice while other times it has been more docile, allowing time for thought. 

The one thing I really love about yoga is how it can adapt to our lives and provide support or relief, depending on what we need. It’s the one activity that can challenge us when we are looking to build strength and can soothe us when we are anxious.  

For 2018, I had originally planned to make this my best yoga year yet. It was one where I would achieve more flexibility and strength, find new poses and ‘wow’ myself. I’d like to adjust my goals though. It’s time for a change. I’d like to make my year about self love and kindness. I can do this in many ways. I will continue to practice yoga most days as I always have but will honour my body and my soul. I will listen more. I will be gentle with myself when I need to be. I will push myself when I need the push. 

I love the idea of having goals whether it is in yoga practice or anything else in life but I think where we really find true value is when we allow ourselves the opportunity to modify our goals as we change. Allow yourself the freedom to adapt your goals so they grow with you instead of against you. It’s how we can be sure we will successfully achieve our goals. If you find you’re breaking yourself to meet your goals and you are suffering for it, modify them. If you find that the goal you originally set is not what you thought it would be, then adapt it to what you really think will be good for you. Allow yourself the opportunity to evolve and really self actualize. In order to do that we need to be fluid, perhaps even open minded with ourselves.  

I encourage you to look at your 2018 goals and really think about if they will work for you. If not, why not modify them to better suit you?  If you don’t have any goals, why not make some?  They don’t have to be huge goals, just something to work towards. Maybe it’s just practicing yoga a little more regularly. Maybe it’s starting a meditation practice. It’s never too late to set a goal and to achieve it!!! 


Anna BajmakComment