Pretty Happy by Kate Hudson

I love this book.  When I first heard about it I really didn't think I needed to read a book like this.  Things are pretty good for me.  I have a fairly stable job, I own a house, am married, do lots of yoga.  What else could there be?  

At the time I didn't realize what else I needed to ever be aware of.  I found out about this book when I saw an interview with Kate Hudson on tv one day.  I remember thinking that I couldn't find any reason why someone like her wouldn't be happy.  She has a job where money is plentiful.  She has a family.  She probably has enough money for a maid, someone to help her take care of her family and someone to help her cook and work out.  It seems like a pretty great lifestyle to have from the outside.  What Kate shared was really great about the struggles she faces with working long hours, struggling to stay thin and healthy and struggling to find time for happiness.  

What I love about this book is that it touches on so many different aspects of life that we can slowly work on improving or becoming aware of.  She talks about Becoming Body Smart where we learn about our own body type and what our needs really are.  Then she continues on with the Four Pillars which are: Cultivate an intuitive relationship with your body, eating well, awaken your body and the miracle of mindfulness.  In these four pillars I really found an appreciation for her take on finding awareness of all aspects of the body, mind and soul.  From there she goes on to talk about learning about your body and making decisions that are best for your body, like when it comes to food and exercise but also taking care of the mind and the soul.  I feel like we forget about those last two on a regular basis.  

Basically, this is a book about awareness and balance that can lead to feeling 'pretty happy'.  I love that she talks about some basic yoga and meditation practices and how to fit them into your daily life.  She also talks about giving yourself a break when you need it!  We can't be super all the time.  

She includes other things like recipes and a sample of what she would eat in a week.  Now I see why she is so slim and fit.... there was no trip to Dairy Queen in her week.  Oh.... THAT's the secret?  

Overall, I highly recommend this book to everyone who is interested in taking things up a notch.  It's really about living the best, most wholesome life you can with the time that you have.  I love that.  We are all busy and we all have obligations we need to take care of.  What I love is that at by the time I got to the end of this book, I really felt like everything she talked about was well within reach for me.  She spoke to me and I listened and I learned.  Thank you Kate for sharing some intimate details about your life and about how we can all get to feeling 'pretty happy' within our own lives.  If you ever struggle or ever feel like everyone else on the planet has everything together and you do not, please read this book.  No one is perfect and no one has everything figured out.  We just do the best we can and try to take care of ourselves and each other along the way.  

Truly a beautiful book.

Anna BajmakComment