Yoga Mind, Body &Spirit by Donna Farah

Yoga Mind, Body & Spirit was a mandatory read for my 200 hour teacher training.  Of course, I read it cover to cover in just a few short days.  At the time, I couldn't get enough of the yoga material I had to learn.  Since then, this is a book I have gone back to for reference.  This is one of those books that has a little bit of everything and serves as a good introduction to yoga.  It discusses topics such as Living Principles which covers things like the Yamas and Niyamas, why practice yoga at all, and then it goes into the Seven Moving Principles of Breathe, Yield to the Earth, Radiate (movement), Centre (integrity of the spine), Support, Align and Engage.  It's a really simple way to understand how to approach your yoga practice and your teachings if you are a yoga teacher.  Then it gets into a breakdown of many yoga poses and discusses them based on the seven principles.  Oh, and there are pictures too.  I love when  books include pictures of the poses they are talking about.  Each pose is also discussed in terms of who should do the pose and who should not, in addition to benefits and some prenatal accommodations as applicable.  

As I write this I feel the urge to stop what I am typing to go back and read this book.  I'm still trying to get through the Mahabrahata.  One that beast is done, I will go back to this one.  If you are wanting to get a wholistic view of yoga, this book is a great start.

Anna BajmakComment