Something not so yoga

I read a lot about yoga almost daily whether it's articles online, blog posts from my favourite yogis and fellow Wellness nuts and books... lots and lots of books. What I find is that sometimes I just need to shift gears a bit and think about other things. It helps me to be focused and also to have other things to contribute to conversations and interactions with other people who don't love yoga as much as I do (do people like that even exist???).   

While it can be hard to find time to read everything, I've recently discovered how much time I have driving to and from my day job in the car. That's a whole hour of time that I could put to good use so I decided to try audiobooks. At first I was embarrassed to be caught listening to an audiobook book but I soon discovered that this is the most amazing thing to do!  It can be hard to find some not so expensive ones. I found the cheapest way, besides my local library that has a very poor selection, is a membership to This is where I get one book download a month in exchange for the membership fee of $15 a month or There abouts. Since audio books are often much more costly than that, I thought I'd give it a try. 

It was tough to find what I thought might be interesting because I'm using to reading more nonfiction lately. Then I found her, Diana Gabaldon and her Outlander series. OMG!!!! It took a while to get through the first book but wow. All I can say is wow!!!! 

the story begins with Claire who was a nurse in the war. Her and her husband are trying to reconnect and go to Scotland for a little mini honeymoon. He's learning about a relative who was instrumental in the army in the 1700's and one day, Claire touches these magic stones and gets sent back in time to the early 1700's.  To me, it doesn't sound like amazing storyline but trust me, after the first few chapters, you won't be able to put it down. This book has everything, history, chivalry, a handsome Scotsman and a strong heroine. Of course, the book was read to me and the reader had all the accents down pat. It made for a very realistic experience I had never had while reading a book on my own. 

After doing some research it turns out that Gabaldon has several books in the Outlander series and there's a even a tv show!! I've been so enthralled by the first book that I didn't hesitate to get the second one which I have now started to listen to. Have any of you read this series??? Are you as taken by Jamie Fraser as I am?   

If you're looking for a very interesting story with well defined characters and a little romance, this is definitely a series you should check out. It's not yoga, but we need to be well rounded. For now, I'm on a journey to read all of her books... well to listen to them anyways. I would love to hear your thoughts on this book and series. I just can't seem to put it down!  

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