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I am a regular person who loves yoga...

My name is Anna and I am from a somewhat small town in Ontario, Canada.  I am the original inventor of the Duddhara Strap and the founder of YogaSloth.

In 2012, I suffered an injury at work that left me with permanent nerve damage in my arm.  After spending countless hours doing physiotherapy and thousands of dollars on medications that only made me feel worse, I gave up.  At that time, I believed that I would never find any relief from the constant burning in my arm and was slowly feeling worse and worse about myself.

With no other options and no hope of getting better, I walked into a local yoga studio.  I still have no idea what prompted me to go in and try my first class but I am so glad that I did.  Yoga offered me the gentle movement that my body needed to begin a journey of healing.  With patience and persistence, I began to find some relief.  Finally, the healing that I was so desperate to find was no longer just a dream.

Fast forward a few years and I still have the burning nerve pain but yoga has helped me to get off the medication completely and continues to be a part of my life.  I have completed my RYT 200 certification and am well on my way to my RYT 500.  I aspire to help others who are dealing with pain.

In my journey to develop my own yoga practice, I noticed that using a yoga strap was not possible because, although my nerve pain had diminished, it was not gone.  I was not able to sustain a safe grip on a strap when stretching which led me away from using one in my practice.  Feeling like a strap would help me increase my flexibility, I started searching online to find a solution.  With nothing in sight, I decided to make my own unique strap... and thus the Duddhara Strap was created.

The Duddhara Strap allows me to work on deepening in my flexibility in a safe way.  I no longer need to strain my arm to hold the strap and it does not slip out of my hands like a regular strap does.  For me, creating the Duddhara Strap has opened up opportunities to try new poses, new ways to stretch and now a way to help other people who have the same complaints as I do when using a regular strap.

Yoga has opened doors that I never thought would be available to me.  Imagine for yourself a world where when something bad happens to you, there are all these great things that happen as a result.  I am proof that when bad things happen, great things can come out of them if we are open and persistent in our search for happiness.



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