Duddhara Strap

Duddhara Strap


The Duddhara Strap is an original invention by YogaSloth.  In Sanskrit, 'Duddhara' means 'ladder made from rope' so you can see where the Duddhara Strap got its name.  It is designed to be easier to hold than a typical yoga strap, adding stability and comfort into your practice.  Although it seems quite short, the Duddhara Strap has been used successfully by many yogis of different heights and flexibility.  It easily accommodates you while being very easy to hold.  As you become more flexible, you can reach to the next 'rung of the ladder' for a deeper stretch.  We have yet to find a pose or stretch that can be done with a regular strap that cannot be done with the Duddhara Strap.

The Duddhara Strap is hand made by us from natural cotton webbing.  To care for your Duddhara Strap, hand wash in cold water and lay flat to dry.

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This yoga strap is no ordinary strap! I was so shocked at how much easier and ergonomic this was to use than your average, run of the mill yoga strap. My name is Amanda. I am a yogi and I host yoga challenges on Instagram all the time. Also, I am plus sized so I need extra support with intermediate poses. This will be my go to tool from now on! I highly recommend the YogaSloth Duddhara Strap!
P.S. Anna is the sweetest! Customer service is top class! Thank you so much!
— Amanda, Sellers Bay, ON @canadianyogini_akb_